About us

Who we are

  1. Petroimc , is among the world’s major traders of crude oil and refined petroleum products and deals with a vast range of suppliers and customers, including all of the world’s major oil corporations
  2. Since its formation Petroimc has consistently proved its vitality and efficiency and has strengthened its position as the most experienced group on investment opportunities in the oil and gas fields globally  
  3. Tie-ups with Petroimc give the potential companies access to group of professionals, since we can bring the benefits of a large global operation with the right combination of experienced people in the relevant regions to address their business needs,

CEO Message
Petroimc steadfast focus is on providing an outstanding service to our customers, Petroimc strategic direction is significant way to conduct business with our international customers.

CEO Personal Profile in brief

  1. Representative of a Saudi Holding Group for Establishing the two Zeoforming Condensate refineries.
  2. Exclusive representative of a innovator LRW (Liquid Radioactive Waste) 
  3. Inventive and representative of a part of Saudi Royal Family for Establishment of the Common Bank.
  4. Representative of a Scientific Institute of Modern Technology in Exploration ,
  5. Senior Adviser International Affairs for famous Industries Holdings in Middle East ,
  6. Trustworthy , International Reputation , Excellent Relations with major oil , gas , chemicals , petrochemicals , metals , miners worldwide
  7. Representative of  innovative technology for cleaning the separators filters gas compressor stations.
  8. Creator a plan for combining Extra Heavy crude oil with condensate subject to find normal oil 
  9. Provided an innovative fin-tech solution to refineries who they have significant appetite for jet fuel
  10. Analyst for Economics International Affair ,
  11. Written many articles and press talks on the region’s economies and trade.
  12. Direct contact with appropriate authorities in the area ,
  13. Fluent in Persian , English and Arabic,
  14. President and CEO  of  Petroimc from 1999

Through this ability to identify , since we are always having a positive approach towards cooperation with esteemed organizations , thereby as a CEO of Petroimc  would like to stress my commitment toward a long term and fruitful cooperation toward our aim in real clue and bona fide work.