Our vision
Petroimc extensive and diverse experience is Serving Science group’s , Governments, Investors, Contractors, Major Companies , Refineries, Chemical & Petrochemical, etc.
Globally,Petroimc have long-standing relationships in every area of the business, from government producers and multinational oil companies to small and medium sized producers and refiners,

Our mission
Petroimc mission will be to provide high quality strategic advice to a select and prestigious group of clients, and to play a key coordinating role in project implementation.

Our Goal
Petroimc goal is to furnish the most consistent data and the most objective analysis in the oil and gas sector worldwide.
We pledge to work with our clients to give them the best strategic advice and to enhance analysis of the global/regional oil and gas opportunities for collaboration and marketing.

Our Objective
Petroimc objective will be to develop long-lasting business relations by providing its clients with a superior quality product and excellent prices by meeting various needs of its clients and attending to their demands.

Our Policy

  1. We do not make offer here but we respond to real query
  2. We do not associate with wrong people & if we go for a deal, we will do anything to make sure that the deal goes through to every one’s satisfaction
  3. We at Petroimc acting with full authority and responsibility and  declare that we are ready , willing and able to continue under the agreed terms and conditions.

Our view
Today, globally, we are enlightened by further opportunities to grow and expand and over a period of time, this has developed into a deep commitment.

  1. By Understanding the market size and the existing market potential we will continue to concentrate on the expansion of our activities to even broader fields and greater markets…
  • As a group of professionals, combining technical and commercial skills, we are able to promote a sustainable development in Oil and Gas fields and provide practical and integral solutions at every stage of projects’ life cycle.
  • We are delighted to see that our commitment to quality has received such an acknowledgment and such an honor will only reinforce our strategy and encourage us to strive for higher levels of excellence.

Our Strategy
We work by three simple rules: HONESTY, INTEGRITY & HARD WORK , We believe if we apply those three rules universally, and not just in our work but in life as well, then we will achieve our ultimate goal:   success in business, and building true relationships with everyone we meet.

Risk management
We recognize that effectively managing risks and opportunities is essential to our long-term success and is fundamental in helping us achieve our strategic objectives and protecting long-term shareholder value.

Quality Management
Petroimc achieved quality management certificate from different organization in 1999. Petroimc as one of the largest commercial companies in the Middle East, has decided to receive revised quality management system certificate entitled ISO 9000